Friday, August 20, 2004

Good News - Bad News

My editor - who's name we dare not speak. Posted by Hello

This isn’t really “news” but it is good – so here goes…I’m sure that many of you wonder in amazement how it is my blogs are always so flawless. I wish I could claim I do this all on my own - but I must give credit where it is due. There is a person (who’s name we dare not speak) that very thoughtfully & thoroughly reads my blog & then alerts me to the many typos & misspellings. It is to this person (who’s name we dare not speak) that I owe many thanks for his hard work and dedication.

The bad news is, I missed both the Street Fair & Eddie Money last night (sigh). I really hated to let y’all down, but an old friend came over and we got to talkin’ – you know how it goes. To make things worse, it is very unlikely that I will make it to Fishlips tonight. How can I report “everything you ever wanted to know about the hottest place to be" if I don’t get out & about?

I dunno – get off my back.