Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Kernals Pop!

There’s a new column in the Californian I really enjoy. It’s called “County Kernels” and it features “fun odds & ends that recently crossed county supervisor’s desks.” (I don't think you can get it online.) Today it describes a man who wants to sue “The Bakersfield Californian Slanderous Newspaper.” He wants all the journalists to go to jail & threatens to tell the truth to the entire world if this wrong is not righted. He even claims to have stood before God and seen the guilty journalists thrown into the Lake of Fire. Then there’s a “claim” a woman made complaining about an encounter with a police officer. “I want them out of my Rump. If they are splitting or slitting or either stealing, in my tails, Rumps, lifts, butts or hinnies, SO BE IT.” What the…?? That is too funny.

Good stuff…keep the Kernels coming!