Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Real Town

Photo © Felix Adamo Posted by Hello (You may not be able to see it, but the sign
reads "Bakersfield Sucks."

I think MTV needs to do a reality show in Bakersfield. All these “Real World” shows in big cities are getting old and frankly, they’re soooo not real. Pick seven people from big cities to live in a house in Rosedale. Don’t fix it up – leave it like every other suburban white bread home with a pool and RV parking. Have them live here in summer and show how they put up with the sweltering heat. OR have them move in during the winter and see how they deal with the cold, dingy tule fog. Give them jobs at Rock-n-Rodeo or a Texaco StarMart in Oildale. Show them searching for ‘good times’ at the downtown bar scene. Send them on a ‘vacation’ to the Canyon.

Now that would be some television worth watching.