Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Till the cows (and the pigs) come home.

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Dairy farmers are hoping to make Kern County their new home. We currently have 55 facilities with about 290,000 cows. If all the new facilities are approved we could end up with more than 500,000 cows. Residents are not pleased. We already have some of the worst air in the U.S. and tons of piles of manure would not help. Then there’s the city image to think of. If we really want to escape the picture of a cowboy hicktown, does it make sense to allow another 200,000 cows to move in?

The cows aren’t the only animals having trouble finding a home. The sexual predator recently located here has already been moved twice (in about 3 days.) Seems nobody is really willing to welcome this guy to the neighborhood.

I have an idea. Why don’t we allow about ½ of the proposed dairies to move in on the condition that they provide housing for the undesirable parolees we have to find places for? Shoveling shit for a living seems like an appropriate job for a convicted sex offender to me.

I’d feel sorry for the cows, but at least the pervs would be out of the way!