Friday, August 27, 2004

Who are you calling backward?

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As I predicted, today’s paper is full of letters arguing both sides of the Gay Pride Day issue. Best quote, “What else would one expect of the people of ‘deah’ old Backwardsfield anyway?” Ouch – that is a low blow.

And, as if worrying about one sex offender living near by wasn’t bad enough, The Californian is reporting that I actually closer to a hundred in my neighborhood alone. Great. Thanks for the info. I didn’t really need my sleep anyhow. Geez. Enough already!! I do not care to know all the dirty details of all the individuals in my community. I’m sure there are some real sickos, but I would rather not look at everyone that passes with a suspicious eye. Stop messing with my head Californian!!

That’s all for now – Have a great day!