Friday, September 17, 2004

Catch-up anyone?

The owner of Cool Pools hard at work.

Sorry about going M.I.A – it has been crazy. Today I agreed to accompany a local businessman and owner of “Cool Pools” on his rounds. I actually scrubbed black algae for free because I was bored. It wasn’t bad and I did get a free lunch out of it.

I haven’t had any luck getting tickets to see Tears for Fears (I hate Waist High) so I’ve pretty much given up on that idea. Tonight I was thinking about going to the historic Fox Theater for Flics. Flics are international films screened every Friday night @ 7:30. Basically it’s the only way to see the movies that would otherwise not be shown in Bake Town.

It is possible I may go see another local band after the movie at a new venue called The Dome. I have never been there and know nothing about it but the name is stupid and I’m sure it’ll be full of under-age annoying wanna-be-cool kids. I’m not going there.

In the news… A fly infestation is driving horses crazy in Oildale and another cougar has been spotted, this time in East Bakersfield not far from Foothill. Children are warned not to “roam out in the field.” Local politicians Dean Gardner (R) and Nicole Para (D) have been doing some mad mud slinging in the papers. I did not realize that being an Assemblyperson for the 30th District was such a big deal.

On the home front… the urban sprawl will continue and the white flighters will continue to build bigger and better homes farther and farther away. McMillin Homes had asked the Bakersfield planning commissioners to approve smaller lots out on Snow Road (way North East of town) but their idea got the kibosh. “Livestock smells and single-family homes don’t mix.”

Just ask those horses in Oildale.