Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Clean Air? What's that?

A few weeks ago the Californian printed an article saying that Central Valley teens have a smaller lung capacity due to growing up breathing bad air. Today, they tell us it’s not quite as bad as we thought. I suspected as much. For the past 2 summers I have asking people if they noticed that we can see the mountains better lately. Several of my friends agreed. I kept wondering why considering all we ever hear about is how bad the air is here. An article in the paper today explains that over the past 30 years “the valley has violated the federal hourly ozone standard an average of 45 days every year.” This year we only violated it nine times! Wow! I know it can’t be because people around here are doing anything to help. According to the paper its because of the mild summer weather we had – the average high was only 95°! You can’t even fry an egg on the sidewalk with temps that low!

So, go ahead Feildians, ignore all those “unhealthy air day” warnings. Breathe deep and enjoy while you can – lord knows it won’t last.