Thursday, September 02, 2004

No go

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How many of y'all remember that very spooky sign outside of town that read "Bakersfield, Come for a visit, Stay for a lifetime"? I'm sure it caused most motorists to hit the gas. It had to have been bad for business.

Maybe that's why its gone.


  1. On a darker note as far as signs in Bakserfield go, I remember here about one leading into Oildale. Informing the Black population, in not so polite wordage, that they better make sure the sun doesn't set on their rear end. I heard the sign wasn't taken down until the 70s.

  2. hmmm... I don't recall seeing it but that does sound like Oildale.

  3. That sounds vaguely familiar. But are you sure it was an actual sign, or just something people said?

  4. Yup... it was a sign for a while. I remember thinking it was freaky.