Friday, September 24, 2004

Oooohhhh Yeaaahhhh....

I spent yesterday trying to help my friend attach her teeny tiny baby to her boob. It was not easy. The little sucker kept dozing off. The ghetto rats next door finally quieted down, so I was able to get a good nights sleep. It’s a good thing, cuz I’m leaving in a few hours for Vegas Baby! Me and about ten of my closest girl friends are going to celebrate the fact that one of is soon to be married. I’m not much of a gambler, so I don’t care about that, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of fun. I will be back on Sunday, and I’ll try to catch up on all the stuff I wanted to blog about then. Like the fact that some genius decided it would be better to have the high speed train connecting California to go around Bakersfield instead of through it. And that some psycho from here and now in Oregon was sentenced to life. See Waist High for that one.

Please keep sending me your requests and have a great weekend y’all!

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