Sunday, September 05, 2004

Steppin' out.

So I finally went out to check out the scene and
have something to report back to y’all.
The night begins with a cab ride to South Union.

This is Robbie, the best cabbie in the world.
He takes us to our destination - a seedy dive
bar on the outskirts of town. Vinny's.

Vinny's represents everything that people not
from Bake Town think of when they hear the
name Bakersfield, and everything that people
from Bakersfield hate to think about.
There were four bands playing.

This was the first band, Cage 9 and they were
very, very good. I believe they are from LA.
Great stage pressence and cute too!
I don't remember the name of the second band.

But this was their spokesman, Mark. I didn't
care for this band too much. (At all.)
My friends played pool while they played.

Mom kicked every body's butts.
Next up was my friend's band.
Addiction Theory. They are very cool.

People were dancing and having a great time.
The next band was from Ireland, but we didn't
get to see them because it was getting late and
we had to go.
Pretty exciting stuff, huh?