Friday, September 10, 2004

Typical Thursday

I had already resigned myself to another lazy, motionless, go to bed early, night home alone watching A&E. Tonight I had TiVo’d Biography of John Wayne Gayce.

Then the phone rang -It was my friend (from many years ago) and current co-worker. He was heading to the “Kelly Lounge” and looking for company. I had been listening to KELY 95 on the way home from work and heard that they were giving away tickets to a private showing of Tears for Fears. I entertained the fantasy for a moment or so, then forgot the idea. John was enthusiastic and undeterred.

What the hay – it’s early still, I don’t have to work and my son is with his pop. I cleaned up quick and decided to join my friend in the quest for tickets to see TEARS FOR FEARS!

I arrive, tried to make friends with the DJ’s (shmooze) and took a turn at the wheel. The first time around I won a CD. Cool. I choose Sarah McLachlan. The second time around I hit bumkist.

So we got back in line – only to hear…Woooo..Hoooo!!! Yeah! Some blankety-blank-blank - won our tickets! Good Lord! Who deserves Tears for Fears tickets more than the old folks & I around here?? Please!! This very nice man promised to try to help us and told us to come to the next ticket give-a-way at Lenghtwise.

Ends up we talk to the chicks who won the tickets and I worked with one of them at Orange Julius in the Plaza in 85! They were very nice girls.

Don’t ya just love Bake Town??


  1. Don't give up. Go get the tickets at Lengthwise. By the way, when is the concert? I wanna go. Just kidding!

  2. Sep. 30th and I would love for you to go with me!!