Monday, September 27, 2004

Vegas Baby!

I was told “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” so you’re not going to get any dirty details here, but I will share a few pictures with y’all. I didn’t take any pics the first night because we were too busy running around shouting ‘cocktail’ and stuffing dollars into machines. I played craps for the first time and nearly put an eye out – that was cool. I also sat and played Blackjack and won money thanks to the nice dealer who told me when to hit and the nice man sitting next to me who added for me. From there we headed to the old strip – downtown. This is a pic of what it looks like during the day.

They have closed off the street and covered it with some fancy roof on which they play short, colorful and very loud movies (mostly about how wonderful America is.) People wander around oooing and ahhhing and bumping into each other since every one is looking up. We kept commenting on how it was like Disneyland, except for the booze and the naked ladies, it was just like Disneyland! I took this pic of the famous Cowgirl on the last day.

The next day we went to The Venetian. Oh wow. Beautiful. You just have to go and see it – amazing. They even have a mini Guggenheim. My pics didn’t come out too good cuz it was kinda dark, but here’s one of the ceiling when you first walk in.

We headed straight for the Gondolas. As you pass through the Casino you enter this magical world of Renaissance Italy. More oooing and aahhhing. Now this really, really looks like Disneyland!

They even had people all dressed up performing on the streets.

We wandered though the expensive gift shops searching for the place to buy tickets for the Gondola ride. This was no easy task. Rides are $15 dollars, and do not believe the sign that says you can get into the Guggenheim for just $5 more. This is the bride to be and her family getting onto their Gondola.

This is a view from our Gondola.

And this is our Gondola driver. His name is Bruno and he sang “O Sole Mio” really, really good.

After the boat ride, some of us went to the Guggeheim, some went to shopping and some went gambling. Flo wanted to bet on the ponies, and 6 of us clustered around 2 seats trying to chose a horse and then screaming at the TV screen. We drove the man next to us insane and he had to be taken away. It was sad. I posted that picture yesterday.

I don’t have pics of the rest of the night cuz I was using my other camera, but I will try to post them later. I will say Saturday night was the best part of the whole trip. We got all dolled up and took a limo ride to The Mirage for dinner. We ate at a Brazilian place, Sambas and it was too good to be true. There was so much food and it was all so, so good. If you like to eat meat, this is the place to be.

After dinner we went to the Jay Leno show and he was very funny. And he mentioned Bakersfield, of course. That’s about it. We went back and crashed after the show and woke up the next day and got ready to go. I took this pic at a gift shop we stopped into just because I thought it was funny.

b.t.w. In case you’re wondering, there are no dirty details to share. We’re a pretty tame crowd.

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    Nice update. Thanks for the virtual tour. Now I don't have to go to Vegas myself.