Sunday, September 19, 2004

Wild West?

Other than the occasional gang related drive by, Bakersfield seems pretty tame. Every now and then someone goes a little nuts and starts shooting – like that dude that opened fire downtown one night and shot bunch of bystanders. But this past weekend all hell broke lose. According to today’s paper, who ever shot all those kids at Taco Bell used a high-powered rifle and shot off 10-15 rounds snipers style into the crowd. Six teens were injured, one critically. Police say the shooting was unrelated to the football game that had just ended. They also say that the guy shot three times on the other side of town just two hours later was unrelated. Oh yeah, then there’s the dead guy they found in an abandoned factory – that’s unrelated too.

These cases may have nothing to do with each other, but from my stand point when you’ve got people being randomly shot at all over town that’s all the relation I need.

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  1. "Bakersfield seems pretty tame" ??? I think I'm safer in New York.