Monday, October 11, 2004

Moanday Mourning

Sure - stuff happens, but it’s not always blog worthy and my goal is to keep y’all informed and entertained, so I’ll save the news reports for the things I find interesting. As I mentioned before, I love baseball and ‘tis the season for the playoffs so you need to turn off your computer and turn on the game right now. And don’t forget to shed a tear for the Dodgers who were beaten by the big, bag, ugly, mean Cardinals.

I discovered recently that the greatest source of entertainment in the Californian can be found in the letters to the editor section. Yesterday a fellow wrote to complain about how messy our city is comparing the town to a “pig wallow” and claiming that “baby birds are smarter and cleaner than us. They don’t crap in their own nest.” Uh…. I have cared for many birds over my years, babies and adults, and I can assure you they are dirty, messy creatures that do in fact crap in their own nests. Today there is a letter chastising the “left” for supporting a ban on assault weapons and another claiming that allowing buses to control street lights (a practice that goes on daily in many cities) is “insanity.”

Keep your fingers crossed for me as I head out today. Here's hoping I don’t get crapped on…or shot…or run over by a bus. It’s cra-zee out there.