Thursday, April 07, 2005

Cooky Cosmos

After going out with me on St. Patrick’s Day my friend Bree stopped by to help me put the right names on the right faces for the Bakotopia “Seen on the Scene” feature. She was on her way to run errands and was only going to stay for a minute. But, once she was here one thing lead to another and we ended up spending the day together. We had a lovely time talking, laughing, crying, and sharing about the past, present and (of course) the future. Just before she began to leave she gave me one of the greatest compliments I have ever heard. Out of the blue, she looked at me and said “I don’t know if you realize this or not, but I love spending time with you.”

About six years ago I went to a birthday party with a friend. I didn’t know many people there and I felt out of place. All of a sudden, this tiny, little, hippy looking chick came up to me and asked “What does the date April 11th mean to you?” Confused and somewhat dumbstruck I replied “That’s my sister’s birthday.” Some small talk followed and then we went our separate ways. I remember thinking how weird the whole experience was.

A few years later I was out one night and I found myself seated next to the very same young lady. We greeted each other, chatted a bit and then she paused, looked right at me and said “I know you.” Then she told me her name. Light bulbs went off in my head. Oh my God! I couldn’t believe she remembered me!

Not long ago I wrote a post about growing up in Bakersfield. I spoke fondly of my neighbors and shared memories of spending time at their house. I did not, however, talk about their kids.
Two houses down from the home I grew up in was a family of four. There were two daughters, one four years older than I and the other about six years older. I was friendly with them but I did not associate with them much given the age differences. The older daughter was named Dee and the younger daughter was named Cee. When I was in Jr. High, Dee became pregnant. When Dee’s daughter Bree was born she was the closest thing I ever had to a niece. She was the cutest little baby and my family and I loved to nibble on her chunky thighs and splash around with her in the pool. The last time I remember seeing her she was around four years old.

Imagine how surprised I was when she remembered me. I was thrilled and shocked and completely blown away that she was able to recognize me. Unfortunately, we separated later that night before we were able to exchange phone numbers. It was two years later before I saw her again.

Fast forward....

A new friend (whom I had just met at work a few weeks before) convinced me to accompany her to a birthday party for a GOOD friend of hers. I was hesitant at first but finally agreed to go along. I never thought to ask whose party it was. When I walked in the door - there was Bree. We grabbed each other and hung on for dear life. There was no doubt; the cosmos had again brought us together.

Since that day, Bree and I have become very close. My mother and her grand mother were thrilled to learn about our connection. Months may go by without communication, but when things get tough, Bree calls me. She calls me her comfort zone. I think the most amazing thing about her is that she remembers the exact floor plan of my parent’s home.

And she still wants to see my father take his teeth out.