Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I did quite a bit of driving around town yesterday to parts of town I haven’t been to in a very long time. I drove out to South H and White Lane and I took surface streets the whole way because trying merge onto the freeway in Bakersfield is more dangerous than playing with a loaded gun. The surface streets are only marginally better. For example: The left turn light from Ming Avenue onto South H only allows one car at a time so at least two or three cars are forced to run the yellow if not the red. That signal changed three times before I was able to get through. Of course the van in front of me was overheating big time and about to catch fire so I’m sure that had something to do with it.

On the way home from my trek I was heading east on Rosedale Hwy/23rd St when I noticed that the traffic going west was at a stand still. All the way from Hwy 99 to as far as I could see (which was F Street) the cars were not moving. I meant to come home and turn on the TV to see what was going on but I have a very tiny attention span and I think I got distracted by my cat.

Anyway, today as I was heading home going west on the cross town freeway I noticed that the traffic was backed up all the way to where the freeway ends. I quickly changed my game plan and turned left on some other street with a letter for a name. It’s a good thing I did because a while later when I went to the GM Liquor’s on 24th and E (I was only buying gum – I swear!!) I noticed a black car on the sidewalk and a red car parked diagonally next to it with the ass hanging out into the lane. When I walked into the store I asked the cashier if she knew what happened.

“Yeah” she replied, “They got into a wreck about an hour ago and the cops still haven’t shown up. They said they were already dealing with another accident scene. The funny thing is the red car is totally drivable but she won’t move it.”

So, what we have here is two dumb girls, neither of them hurt or injured in anyway, sitting in their cars worried about what their parents are going to say, blocking a lane during rush hour while hundreds of impatient people are trying to get home by taking an already congested road, which invariably will lead to more accidents.

Obviously the real accident was in giving those girls a license to drive in the first place.