Monday, April 04, 2005

Waist High & I

I had such so many good plans yesterday. I going was to post on Bakotopia, post here, then go shopping, do some gardening and finally make dinner for some friends. I did manage to go shopping, but that was about it. As the day progressed many things happened that made me think ‘Oo I gotta blog about that’ - like all the butterflies I noticed in the air or when I saw a bird dive head first into Truxtun “Lake” on the way to Trader Joe’s.

With out a doubt, the most bloggable moment yesterday happened when I answered my phone in the middle of Target and the voice on the other end asked, “Is this Bake Town?” It actually freaked me out for a minute. Then the voice said “This is Waist High” and I freaked out even more. After I was removed from Target and promised never to come back (Damn it!) I was able to calm down long enough to listen to W.H. She has decided to grant me clemency and promised to not beat me up. To celebrate I invited her over to my place for fish tacos.

Whoa Nelly! Waist High got full on Bake Town style treatment last night, complete with Chuck, various crazy neighbors, my special pico de gallo, and plenty of margaritas. Madness ensued. I would tell you more, but this is a PG site.

In keeping with the momentous occasion, just as Waist High began to leave the winds began to blow, the skies parted and rained showered down upon the earth. Hallelujah. Amen.