Friday, May 06, 2005


I was just talking to Chuck about a conversation we had a few days ago about World War II. He said something that was wrong and he kept arguing with me about it despite the fact I have freakin' B.S in History and I kept calling him "stoopid." The next day I was all ready to find proof and show it to him, but then I couldn’t remember what it was he said that was wrong. Chuck says he doesn’t remember what it was either so I told him it will come to me and when it does I will set him straight.

That’s when he told me, “Nope. If you can’t remember it you’re not allowed to talk about it. That’s the rule. Haven’t you received the handbook?”

“Handbook” I asked, “What’s it called?”

It’s called, “Rules for Hanging Out with Chuck” he said “And you’re going to need a copy.”

Laughing I asked him what some of the rules are.

Instantly he replied, “You’re only allowed to bitch about things that are out of your control. If you can fix it you don’t get to complain about. That’s a rule.”

All of this is coming from the same guy who called me this morning all excited and said, “Let’s play a game to see how in tune Chuck’s body is to the earth.”