Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I See L.A.

I’m taking my son to UCLA today to see a specialist in Keratoconus. I’m sort of nervous, but I’m more anxious to finally talk to someone who really knows everything there is to know about this. Paul just seems to be annoyed that he has to miss school.

He has taken this whole ordeal so well it’s kinda freaky. The other day he was on the computer checking out some sites when he said, “What does that say? Pig? Oh, “my.” Well, I am going blind after all.” Then we both burst out laughing.

Later that same day as we were driving to the store he turned to me and said, “Look ma! Now I can see, and now (covering his right eye) I’m BLIND!!” I was all, “Good Lord Paul, what is wrong with you? Aren’t you upset about this at all?” “Nah,” he responded, “That’s just the way life goes sometimes.” Then he said maybe he should do nothing to fix his vision and let himself go completely blind. “Why?” I asked, “So you could have one of those guide dogs?”

“No – so I could get one of those mini guide horses. That’d be cool” he said.