Friday, May 27, 2005

I Take Requests

Chuck had a bad day today and he has asked me to blog about it. Considering the fact that most of the time he says, “You can’t blog about this!” I felt honored by the request.

This morning shortly after Chuck got to work a woman came into his place of employment and informed him that she had just witnessed another woman run into a big, white truck in the parking lot. Knowing that he owns a big, white truck, Chuck became alarmed and went out to investigate. Sure enough, he found the driver’s side door of his truck bashed in. A young woman nearby seemed to be hurrying away and Chuck stopped her and asked if she was the culprit. The girl confessed that she had indeed hit the truck. There was some talk and this and that, but considering the fact that Chuck’s truck really is a piece of crap and he could probably fix the damage himself, he decided to let the poor girl off the hook.

When he returned to work the woman who had alerted him to the situation initially asked him what happened. After Chuck told her he had decided to let the matter lie she informed him of what really had happened. The girl in the SUV had been driving the wrong way down an aisle in the parking lot and attempted to turn into a spot coming at it from a bass ackwards angle. In the process of this maneuver, she scraped against Chuck’s truck, so she stopped. Then, knowing full well that she was hitting another vehicle, she chose to continue her maneuver and rammed the SUV further into the truck.

After learning this news Chuck became upset so he called me to bitch (like he always does.) Listening patiently (like I always do) he went off on a rant about women drivers. He was kind enough to say, “Not you, you’re a good driver. But seriously, I can’t imagine a man ever doing something like that. Hitting a car, knowing he is hitting a car, and then proceeding along anyways.”

That’s when he told me he wanted me to blog about it. Chuck wants your feedback. Do you agree with him? Please feel free to comment. Chuck & I look forward to hearing what you have to say.