Friday, May 20, 2005

Shops I Can't Shop In

The Californian did a piece today on all the trendy new dress shops that have been popping up all over town. The first to arrive (as far as I can remember) were Talula and Tangerine but now there’s also Posh, Lotus, Jezzabelle’s, Shabby Chic, Miss Holiday, Bella, and La Dolce Vita (formerly Fike’s Finer Foods – sigh.)

The front page of the paper shows a picture of Josie Bowman, the owner of Tangerine and a very lovely person. Most of the new shops are downtown they carry all the designer labels Bakersfield women used to have to drive to L.A. to find and cater to the rich snobby types who like to pay $300 for a sock. Just think of all the starving children who could have been saved!

All right, I’ll admit it – I’m just jealous. It drives me crazy to walk by and see all the cute clothes I’ll never get to wear. I hate those dang shops.