Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Time To Go

The jurors for the Bruce Sons trial are still deliberating and seem to be having trouble coming to a conclusion. Yesterday they again told the judge they were deadlocked and the judge again told them tough luck. I would sure hate to be on that jury. I was on a hung jury once and it was very frustrating. Ten out of twelve of us voted guilty but two old geezers kept holding out despite the jury instructions. No one was more surprised to hear we deadlocked than the guy on trial who was obviously guilty.

I thought it was interesting that Maxwell’s former wife, Marlene Freeman (who appears to have remarried) said that they are frustrated by the indecision and that, “she can’t resume work and her daughter can’t go to school until the re-trial is over.”

You know, I’m frustrated too. I don’t think I can work anymore.