Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Day in the Life of a 15 year old Boy

My son lost his cell phone today. He lost his phone on the last day of school, which is going to make it tricky for him to keep in touch with his new friends over the summer. When he called and told me he had lost his phone I suggested he call the school on the off chance somebody found it and turned it in. A little while later I called him again to see if he had called the school. He confessed he had not and told me to just cancel his line. That’s when I got mad.

“I can’t cancel the line! I signed a two year contract which means I’m paying for that line whether you’re using it or not. NOW CALL THE DAMN SCHOOL!!”

About thirty minutes later he called me back. He was SO sweet and SO apologetic I felt bad for yelling at him. I apologized too and after a brief talk about what to do, we went on to discuss other topics.

Paul told me that he recently learned a kid who lives down the street doesn’t like him. He told me that he’s only briefly spoken to this kid but apparently he really doesn’t like Paul and is telling other people about his dislike. Baffled Paul continued, “I’ve never had someone not like me before. Ever. Even people I thought didn’t, I found out they did.”

I agreed with Paul and told him not to worry about that dude. “He’s probably just jealous cuz you’re tall” I said. “Oh, I’m not worried” Paul replied, “I think it’s cool.”