Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mojave Mayday!

An airplane carrying four pilots crashed into downtown Mojave yesterday and all of them survived. According to one of the men, “The engine was performing perfectly until we hit the ground.” (Apparently he thinks the pilot flying the plane is to blame.) The plane clipped a car, a Kentucky Fried Chicken, slid across a parking lot and set the Best Western motel on fire. (That’s a lot of damage for one little plane.) All four men leapt from the plane as they skid across the pavement, three of them were relatively unharmed and the pilot is in serious condition.

Two of the men on the plane were visiting from Israel and the other two had tried to show the men a good time by flying from Van Nuys to Mojave for lunch at the airport. What the? Why would anyone try to show some a good time by taking them to Mojave? That sounds more like torture to me.

Apparently the Israelis didn’t care for it much either – they went home today.