Wednesday, June 15, 2005

No Summer Lovin'

The front page of today’s Californian is all about how to deal with the heat in Bakersfield. There are two articles, and one of them is Robert Price’s column. In it he warns all the new comers about what they can expect to face this summer and says that, “if your car’s air conditioner isn’t in primo operating condition you’ll stick to the seat all the way home.” (That is if you have a cow hide and are able to sit on it at all.) Both articles give all the new comers tips on how to deal with the heat.

I can’t help but think it’s funny and kind of sad that there are literally thousands of people out there who are about to experience hell on earth for the next few months. They must be scared. Maybe they should be. According to the article we average 37 days of triple digit weather every year.

That sounds awful, but it’s a little misleading. For example, when it’s been 98° or 99° all week, you hardly notice a difference when you have a 100° day. But, when it gets up over 105° and it stays that way for several days – and you toss in a couple of 110° days – that’s about the time I start to contemplate suicide. Homicide or suicide – some one must pay for my misery.

I wonder if that’s why we have such a high crime rate.