Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Save the Eye Sores!

The plans to limit the number of crappy cars Bakersfield residents are allowed to have littering their front yard have been postponed. Apparently a bunch of people from Oildale showed up at a Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday and raised a fuss with their hooting and hollering and all. (Okay, that’s not what really happened, I just like imagining it that way.)

The Board of Supervisors was proposing to limit the number of inoperative vehicles stored visibly to one, but a bunch of car hobbyist argued that the plan would, “kill our hobby.” According to today’s paper, “Ken Perry was outraged over the whole concept, saying people should be able to do as they please in their backyards and that he can’t afford to tag and insure all his collectible cars, which includes 10 inoperable ones” and added that, “One person’s junk is another person’s gold.”

Uh, Dude – the proposal doesn’t say anything about your backyard it’s talking about the front yard. And if you have 10 inoperable vehicles sitting around that is no longer a backyard – it’s a junkyard. You might call all your crap “gold” but that doesn’t mean we all want to look at it. (And I thought my neighbors were ghetto.)