Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Okay - here are some of my pics from the fair.

The first thing I did was go to the cow birthing place cuz my friend Amy in NY has been all over my ass to get a picture of a baby cow. So - here's baby cow. Now back off.

Then I decided to take pictures of the animal's butts. This is another cow about to either give birth or explode from the sheer force of the milk being housed in her enormous udder. Every single woman who looked at this cow said, "Ew! Ow!!"
Mmmm. Lamb chops.
Mmmm. Pork chops.
Looking at all those pigs made us hungry, so next we went and got ourselves a corn dog. Yee haw! They had three sizes; small, medium, and JUMBO. Those JUMBO corndogs were totally obscene.

Then we checked out some of the classier souvenirs. I wanted the "I farted" hat, but I didn't have $200 to spare.
Next we checked out the rides...

and the carnys who had helped build the rides.
Then we decided we didn't really want to go on the rides, so we went to check out the displays instead. Cowboy Bail Bonds had some award winning quilts.
And this picture came in second overall in the junior art competetion.

On the way to check out the "collection" contest, we stopped to watch the hypnotist act. I'm still not sure if it's real or not, but it was definitely very funny.
After the act was over I got it into my head that I was somehow going to eat these onion rings. I ate two and immediately got the runs.

Before we left I insisted we check out the collection competition cuz it always interests me to see what types of things people will collect. My favorite display this year was the paper doll collection featuring a book of Bush family paper dolls.

But the WWF action figure collection was pretty cool too.