Monday, October 24, 2005

Bullets over Bakersfield

It was another dangerous weekend to go out in Bakersfield. Six people were injured and one person was killed in two separate shooting incidents early Sunday morning. Police believe the two shootings are related and that they are both gang related. The first shooting happened outside Kosmos, a popular downtown nightclub. Naturally the people inside freaked and thrashed the place in their efforts to get down or get out.

The second shooting occurred on the east side of town less than an hour later in front of the Elks lodge. According to the paper, “The Elks parking lot has long been a hangout for gang members” cuz, you know how cool it is to hang out in the Elks parking lot.

Of course the bad guys weren’t the only one’s running around with their guns blazing. The cops shot and killed a burglary suspect early this morning in south Bakersfield. I don’t know how many that makes this year, but I know it’s a lot.

Looks like the motto “shoot first, ask questions later” is gaining popularity.