Sunday, October 02, 2005

Nap time

Paul and I took Sherman outside for a walk yesterday and he walked, and he walked, in one great big circle. After an hour or so, Paul was concerned that Sherman was "tuckered out" so we took him inside and put him back in his habitat. Sherman continued to walk in circles inside the tank until he stopped suddenly with his face pressed against the glass. "I think he's stuck" Paul said. "He's not stuck" I replied, "He's just resting. "What a goof ball" Paul said. Then, as we watched, Sherman, with his faced pressed against the glass and his front legs in the air, Sherman slowly closed his eyes and went to sleep. With his legs in the air and his face pressed up against the glass. Paul and I cracked up.

Paul asked me if we should move Sherman into a more comfortable position and I told him I didn't think so. Then I told him that when he was little he used to fall asleep just like that, and I would find him, passed out on a chair or on the floor, as if he had just been dropped from the sky.

There is not a more comfortable position than that.