Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Back Off Board!

The Kern High School District took another big step to the right recently when they SUDDENLY decided to enforce a policy that hasn’t been used in twenty five years. The KHSD Board of Trustees decided to ban extracurricular activities on the weekends, but most especially on Sunday, for fear that, “Sunday practices might crowd out other needs of students, such as spiritual needs.” Cuz, you know spiritual needs can ONLY be met on Sundays. Lord knows these kids can’t have their spiritual needs met on a Tuesday.

So far the loudest protestors are the students who participate in Mock Trial and the lawyers who support them. Apparently the Board of Trustees would rather have students doing who knows what rather than meeting with a bunch of lawyers and learning about our judicial system. Do they honestly think these kids are going to suddenly find God and spend their weekends in Church meeting their spiritual needs?

I guess I am particularly offended by this ban for a couple of reasons. First of all, my son is in Mock Trial and Academic Decathlon, both of which meet on Sundays. Despite this Paul has managed to have his spiritual needs met every Sunday morning at Church. If he wasn’t attending meetings on Sunday afternoons he would probably be lying on the couch watching VH1’s Top 100 Rock-n-Roll Hair Cuts or something. And he’s a good kid. I would be willing to bet that a lot of them would be more likely to go hang out with their stoner friends on a Sunday afternoon than they would be to take up yoga.

Secondly, don’t we have separation of Church and State in this country? It’s not the Board of Trustees business to tell high school students what they can or can not do on the weekend. If they want to go to Church – they will. And if they want to want to skip church and sleep in, that’s between the child and the parent.

Sounds like Board of Trustee member Pastor Chad Vegas is trying to drum up business.