Thursday, November 03, 2005


There’s a very heart warming story in the paper today about two young girls who have been best friend since age four. Blayzz Selnick was tired of people staring at her friend Katie Russell. Kate has a rare skin disease called alopecia which caused the girls hair to fall out. Kids at school would stare and whisper about Katie, so Blayzz decided to do something about. She shaved her own head. She chopped off 28 inches of long, blond hair to make a stand for her friend. It’s that sweet?

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be a bald twelve year old girl. I remember those years as being some of the worst as far as teasing and torment went. I was heckled mercilessly for being skinny and often arrived home in tears. Luckily I had the best best friend anyone could have, so I survived better than most. I can relate to Blayzz’s desire to support and protect her friend. I once tried to choke Flo’s sister cuz she was yelling at her. Yeah, I was a little crazy.

Thanks for sticking with me anyway Flo.