Monday, November 07, 2005


There hasn’t been much going on to talk about lately. Surprisingly, the police didn’t shoot any bad guys, and the bad guys didn’t shoot any innocent bystanders. Or at least none were reported. Which reminds me, Amy in NY sent me an interesting excerpt from the New York Sun last week:

“With only two months left in the year, the city is on pace to record the fewest number of fatalities at the hands of police officers, data compiled by the Police Department show."

"With seven fatal shootings as of October 24, the rate is similar to last year's, when there were also seven fatalities in the first 10 months, on the way to 11 for the full year, the data indicate. Eleven represents the current annual record, a figure that was also accomplished in 2001 and 1999.”

I wonder how Bakersfield's numbers would compare with New York City's?