Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fastest gun in the North West

Forget Texas, don’t mess with 71-year old Norman Laxson. He shot two people yesterday, killing one of them, when they attempted to rob his house. The details are still pretty sketchy, but according to the paper, three men tried to break into Laxson’s home last night while he and his wife were home. Boy did they pick the wrong house. Laxson leapt into action, pulled out his shotgun started blasting away. When the police arrived they discovered one man dead, one bleeding from multiple gun shot wounds, and good ol’ Norm sitting on the porch.

Something tells me no body is going to mess around in that neighborhood anymore.

1/27/06 Update - I orginialy spelled Norm's last name wrong due to the fact that the article I read had it spelled two different ways and I assumed Lawson was the correct version. I have since fixed my mistake.