Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Follow Up File

The wife of the man who died following his arrest last weekend is now blaming the sheriffs for killing him. According to Mrs. Robles, her husband was on PCP, which she told the officers about, so they should have just left him alone and let him come off the drug naturally. She also claims that what looked like a headlock was really just her husband holding her as they prayed. And I guess the screams the neighbor heard were really just the two of them “calling out to the Lord.” Hmmm…

Either way, eight sheriffs and one very angry dog does seem to be a little overkill (no pun intended). According to the sheriffs, not only was Mr. Robles on PCP, he was also on Meth, a combination which sounds to me, would make anyone totally nuts. And, of course, you’d have to be crazy to resist arrest in Bakersfield. Dude’s lucky they didn’t just pull out a gun and shoot him.

On a side note, in the article in the paper today, Mrs. Robles says that her husband, “worked at Food Maxx in Bakersfield for four months but quit because the job didn’t pay enough.”

Is it me, or does that just not make sense?