Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What's your name again?

Here’s another great example of why you don’t want to mess with the authorities in Bakersfield.  If they’re not shooting at you, or beating you to death, they may just forget that you’re there.  That’s what happened to Denise Miller when she was booked into the Kern County jail last December on suspicion of shoplifting.  Three days later her family showed up with the bail money to spring her.  They were told Miller was already gone.  Confused, the family returned home and waited for her to show up.  When she still didn’t come home they went back to the jail and they were again told Miller was no where to be found.  In the mean time, officers (apparently confused about who the woman was) tried to return her to Ridgecrest, until Miller convinced them that she did not live there.  When they finally released Miller five days later, all of her belongings were gone - presumably to the other Miller.

Denise Miller has filed a claim against the county.