Wednesday, November 22, 2006


A Taft man was arrested recently after threatening to kill a black family that had moved into his neighborhood. After deputies arrested Russell Bacon, “he admitted this disdain and dislike for African-American’s” and “told deputies his behavior would continue until the family moved away for the area.”

This dude is a prime example of what how stupid racist people are. He would rather go to jail than let a black family live down the street. It just doesn’t make any sense. Sometime in October he walked into the family’s home with “his hand wrapped in a pillow, as if he had a gun” and told the father he was going to shoot him. Then he left. What the hell? Did think the man would NOT call the cops? While the deputies were investigating the first incident, Bacon came back to the house and told the children playing in the front yard that he was going to hang them. Oh. My. God. What kind of A-hole says something like that to a child? Those poor kids.

I wonder how Russell will adjust to having a black man in the cell next to him.


In a separate but related news story, three leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood were sentenced to three life terms with out the possibility of parole for their part in organizing murders in prison. I guess this means they’ll be able to organize even more murders. I’m kidding. I’m quite happy they’ll remain in prison. The thing that stood out to me was their names; Barry “The Baron” Mills, Tyler “The Hulk” Bingham and Edgar “The snail” Hevle. I think Edgar got gypped in the nickname department.

Kinda reminds me of Reservoir Dogs.