Thursday, November 30, 2006

News Nips

Friends of, Kelsey Spann, the woman who the defense claims had a lesbian relationship with Joanie Harper are calling the allegations ridiculous. The minister of the church Joanie attended said that when she said, “I have sin,” and that she was “going to put a close to that part of her” she had been referencing Vincent Brothers, not Spann. The thing I’m confused about is how she said “I have sin” instead of “I have sinned.” As if “sin” is a disease one can catch.

I guess if that’s the case, Jesus must be the cure.


John Krueger, a local hotel owner, was convicted of child molestation yesterday after the jury deliberated for less than a day. Krueger was accused of molesting two boys he adopted from the Ukraine, and another child. Krueger continues to maintain his innocence.

Let’s hope this case doesn’t go the way of all those molestation cases in the 80’s.


Two nineteen year old boys knocked over a little old lady with a walker in the Valley Plaza parking lot yesterday. The pair snatched the 83-year-old's purse, then one took off in a car and the other tried to walk away nonchalantly. He was caught and later the other suspect was also caught. The woman sustained only minor injuries.

I think their punishment should be spending a year with the boy scouts learning how to walk little old ladies across the street. Either that, or a beating with that woman’s walker.


A mega shopping complex is being planned for the Southwest corner of Gosford Road and Panama Lane. Alexander and Baldwin Inc, a Honolulu based company purchased the 57-acre vacant commercial-zoned parcel for $15 million. A&B Senior Vice President Michael G. Wright explained that they were interested in developing here because, “Bakersfield is a dynamic and growing community.”

I can’t help but wonder if he’s ever actually been here.