Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not So Lucky Charms

I woke before my alarm went off again this morning. I continued to lie in bed, changing positions and allowing thoughts to come and go. Then I suddenly began to think about how some people freak out when they find a hair in their food. (Yeah, I know, weird.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not thrilled to find hair in my food, but it doesn’t give me a coronary either. Of course a lot depends upon the location, quantity, and quality of the hair. A hair that looks as if it innocently fell from a servers head and landed on the edge of the plate doesn’t bug me too much. Most people wash their hair fairly regularly. (Most normal people anyway.) So a single strand doesn’t seem too dangerous to me.

I am more disturbed when I find the hair actually in the food. That will give pause. The heat from the cooking would most likely kill any dangerous bacteria, but if there’s hair actually inside the food, I want to know what else might be in there. Keep in mind; I have 15 years witnessing experience. I know what’s going on back there.

Still, a single hair doesn’t seem like something to make a big deal over. A bunch of hair is an entirely different story altogether. And of course the type of hair is most important of all. I mean, a single pubic hair changes things immeasurably.

I think the reason I’ve never freaked out too much over hair in my food is because I had an experience that was so, SO much worse. One afternoon when I was in high school I was enjoying a big bowl of Lucky Charms, when I suddenly felt something strange in my mouth. One of the charms seemed unusually hard. I spit the chewed mash onto a napkin and dug through the mess to see what it was. To this day I shudder when I think about it. It was a toenail. A great big, dirty, man’s toenail. I kid you not. That was one charm I did not find so lucky.

Have any of you ever found anything nasty in your food? I’d love to hear about it.