Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Looking at The List

Pete Tittl, local restaurant reviewer, has his newest list of best restaurants up on bakersfield.com. I agree for the most part with most of his picks, although I do think he’s way off on the Basque Restaurant. Benji’s has much better food than Woolgrowers. Woolgrowers is more historic and maybe fun more because the crowd, but the food is not as good.

I also wouldn’t agree with most of his top picks for “casual dining.” First of all, I think Mama Roomba’s really belongs in ‘casual’ and not ‘fine’ dining. The food is excellent, but the atmosphere is very casual. The place is so small and the tables are so close together, it’s not uncommon to strike up a conversation with people in the table next to you. It is nothing like dining at the Bistro or CafĂ© Med. And Chipotle, well….it’s Chipotle! Sure it’s good, but it doesn’t belong on the same list as Mama Roomba’s! I agree that Coconut Joe's food is good, but I’m opposed to eating there because they insist on serving everything on Styrofoam. Any place that is too lazy to wash dishes or too indifferent to purchase environmentally friendly products doesn’t deserve my business.

What do you y’all think? What would you add or subtract from the list?