Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Turning over a new leaf.

I did it. I started my new “fitness routine” yesterday. I went to the gym I’ve paying for since June for the first time. (I know.) I tried not to over do it, knowing that if I woke up sore today I’d never go back. I did a brisk 20 minutes on the tread mill, enough get me heated and my heart rate up, but not really enough to break a sweat. Then I spent another twenty minutes on the weight machines. Not bad for day one I think. And I’m even a little sore today.

Many of you who know me are wondering what the hell I’m doing exercising. No, I am not trying to lose weight. I’m not crazy, despite what you may have heard. I’m just trying to be healthy. After growing up being called “the amazing stick woman” by my sister, I avoided exercise in any form. As a result I have become a slightly less skinny, lazy ass. I’m not even sure I could out run an attacker anymore, unless he was an obese chain smoker - then, maybe. After spending a few hours dancing a party this past Christmas, my entire body hurt for days. That’s bad.

Besides exercising I’m also trying to eat better. Another problem with growing up skinny is always wanting to gain weight – which means eating lots of fatting foods. Cheeseburgers may give me a bigger ass, but they’re not so good for my heart. So, from now on its oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, something sensible for lunch, and something homemade with lots of vegetables for dinner.

Weekends don’t count.