Friday, February 23, 2007

Meth Moms on the Map

Kern County Sheriffs arrested a couple this past weekend after discovering the woman, high as a kite on meth, breastfeeding her 3 week old baby. Guess where they lived? Oildale? Close. Taft? You got it. Number one methamphetamine producer in the county! The officers described finding the woman, obliviously whacked out on drugs and with a meth pipe near by, nursing the baby after being called the residence on a reported disturbance. What they found was indeed disturbing.

I find it amazing that a woman that whacked out would even capable of getting pregnant. Or, even if should could, that the baby would survive the pregnancy. But when if both those circumstances somehow were met, how is it that nobody at the hospital noticed that the woman was obviously a tweeker? They’re not hard to spot. Why was she even allowed to take that poor child home? The woman already had two prior contictions for being under the influence of a controled substance.

The really scary thing is this is just the one they caught. It’s difficult to imagine how many children are being raised by meth addicts right now in this county alone.