Thursday, March 01, 2007

Car Seat Crime

The charges against the two women suspected of felony vehicular manslaughter have been reduced to misdemeanors. Everybody’s favorite D.A. said it was a tough call for him to make but he felt that the woman had been negligent and should at least get probation. He may actually be right on this one.

I have a few issues with the women’s story. Number one being that they said they drove to the hospital rather than calling an ambulance because they figured they could get there faster. That may be true, but if you take an ambulance you are automatically admitted. She would’ve had to wait longer, which makes me think perhaps her asthma attack wasn’t quite as dire as I first thought. Secondly, Brenda Stockman, the grandmother, ran a red light, so she was a fault for the accident. They’re lucky they weren’t all killed. I understand she was in a hurry, but they weren’t going to get there any faster in a body bag. Thirdly, Sandy Stockman, the mother, had two children. The older one was left with a care taker. Doesn’t it make more sense to take the child that does not require a car seat considering they didn’t have one?

Something doesn’t add up.