Wednesday, March 14, 2007

News Nips

I have been remiss for not commenting on the news lately. My apologies. Here is a quick recap.


It’s been hotter ‘en hell. Well, not compared for how hot it’s going to be, but for March it’s pretty darn hot. Mid 80’s so far. It’s kind of nice, but it makes me worry about summer.


The cops killed another one. The whole thing started when a man stole a knife from Merlo’s Cutltery in the Plaza. (That’s still there??? My sister worked there.) A police man assigned to the plaza yelled at the man as he ran out and then chase him toward Castro Lane. A canine officer and his dog joined the chase near the movie theater and the dog quickly brought down the robber. But as the caine officer tried to cuff the man he stabbed him in the arm. So the cop killed him. Can’t blame him, I’d be mad too.

Later that same day a man in a wheelchair was found stabbed to death in his apartment. The apartment was not far from the plaza, so police are looking into a connection.


The doctor Steve Colbert made fun of on Comedy Central is starting to feel the heat. After the news aired about him refusing car to the baby because her parents had tattoos, people began calling the office and leave threatening messages. Dr. Gary A Merrill says the news didn’t tell the whole story. According to him, the parents where aware of the policy before had but became upset when reminded they needed to cover their tattoos. He says the couple began yelling and cussing at his staff.

Because, you know, cussing out the staff is ALWAYS the best way to handle any situation.


The Vincent Brothers’ trial isn’t going so great. At least it isn’t for the prosecution. So far all they’ve been able to establish beyond a reasonable doubt is that Brothers brother is a liar. Kinda hard to believe any thing he says after that. Pictures of the slain family made Brothers cry – score 2 points for the defense.

Now they’re getting into the icky stuff. forensic pathologist testified that the family of five had mostly been dead for more than a day before they were found. They based this on the fact the muscles were not stiff. Apparently the muscles become stiff shortly after death, but then loosen up again after 24 to 36 hours later. (I did not know this – and I watch a lot of Cold Case Files.)

They were also able to determine that Joanie had recently eaten a big meal, a common practice on Sunday afternoon after church. And let me tell you something, there is good reason for it. I attended the Cain Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church a few times and seriously, those preachers go on for HOURS! I was ready to eat my Bible. (Why did I attend this Church you may be asking? I wanted to expose my son to lots of different churches. Besides it was fun singing with the gospel choir.)


The man who walked up to a car and shot a sleeping man simply because he had on a light blue t-shirt has thankfully been sentenced to life in prison. Ted Blackmon was a known gang member and a felon when he spotted Damon Moore sleeping in the front seat of car that had stopped for gas on the way to Vegas. Blackmon is a member of the East Side Crips who are at war with the Country Boy Crips.

Blackmon’s family contends he was wrongfully accused. And sights inconsistencies on the testimony of another person in the car who was also shot at. According to the paper, Blackmon’s sister is quoted as saying, "How are you just looking straight down a barrel of a gun and can't see their face?"

Ummm… maybe because you’re busy looking at the GUN IN YOUR FACE!!