Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nothing better to do.

There is a chain link fence that separates my place of employment from another. There is also grass, and trees, and squirrels. I see squirrels running around all the time but I don’t usually see them just hanging out. A few days ago I noticed a squirrel sitting on top of the chain link fence. He was just sitting there, starring right at me. I looked at him for a while then went about my work. Ten minutes later as I passed by the same location I noticed that the squirrel was still hanging out on top of the fence. I thought that was pretty weird, so naturally every time I walked by that area I began looking for that squirrel. Nine times outta ten he’s there. Just kickin’ it on top of the fence.

I found the whole thing too humorous to keep to myself so I told a co-worker to go look at the fence and see if he noticed anything. He came back and said, “Are you talking about that squirrel?” We both cracked up and spent the rest of the day talking and joking about squirrels. The next day I saw the squirrel again so I emailed my co-worker to tell him the squirrel was back. He replied that we were spending entirely too much time discussing this squirrel, then suggested we name him Murphy. I suggested something more exotic and sexy like Sergio or Rodolfo; sounds like a man with a hairy chest who likes to lie in the sun.

My idea got shot down.