Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Walking on Sunshine

I think I discovered the secret to world peace. The idea first popped into my head about a week ago as I driving around town on a beautiful spring day. The song, “Walking on Sunshine” came on and I found myself singing at the top of my lungs, smiling, and jerking around spasmodically as I tried to dance beneath my seat belt. I hadn’t felt so happy in weeks.

Last night I went to Lassen’s to replenish my green tea supply, and “Walking on Sunshine” came on the loud speakers. As I sang softly under my breath I noticed someone behind me also singing along, only not quite so softly. I turned around and smiled at her. Then I turned and headed toward another aisle. As I came around the corner I saw three young male employees singing and dancing to the song. They saw that I spotted them, but they didn’t care. They just smiled and kept on dancing.

I think Katrina and the Waves were onto something.