Thursday, May 31, 2007

Give me your ice cream - or else!

Another strange story is in the news today. A man brandishing a replica samurai-style sword, and a toy gun walked into the Dreyer’s Ice Cream plant Wednesday morning and started threatening people with it. Of course they did what any one would do – they laughed at him. He didn’t care for that. When another employee asked him ‘what was up’ replied, “I'll show you what's up” and smashed a Plexiglas display case. Ooooo scary. Next he grabbed a woman and put the sword to her throat, and she was all ‘Dude, I think you cut me’ then she walked off to find a band aid. (Oh my gawd, too funny!) It gets better.

Another employee traps the guy in a small storage room and begin begins to spray him with water from a hose. (hahahahaha) While he’s being hosed down, the guy continues “jabbing his sword through the seam between the double doors.” (hahahahahah!) Then, the dude drops his toy gun and it shatters on the ground. (hahahahahaha.) Sounds like a scene from a Mel Brooks movie.

Want to know the funniest part of the news article? One of the men that helped subdue Mr. Coocoo was quoted as saying, “This is Bakersfield, This kind of stuff happens somewhere else.”

Actually dude, this is exactly the kind of stuff that happens here.