Thursday, May 10, 2007

Catching up

I’m not not blogging because I don’t want to. And I’m not not blogging because I have nothing to blog about. I’m not blogging because I am a very, very, busy person with a lot of important things to do. Like, do my job. And planning a special Mother’s Day. And driving around in circles wasting gas.

But, for those you (yes, I’m talking about the two of you) who don’t live in Bake Town and don’t know what’s doing on, here’s a brief re-cap of recent news. (A.K.A. News Nips.) (Not that kind of nips.)


Some famous actor dude was arrested in Bakersfield recently after getting into a fight with the desk clerk at the Four Points Sheraton and asking him if he would like to “take it outside.” Very eighth grade of him. Tom Sizemore was found in his car tweeked out on meth and was promptly arrested.

I guess Taft’s favorite pastime is starting to catch on.


Closing arguments started in the Brothers’ trail and the case should go to the jury soon. There was more excitement this week when the judge suddenly stopped the trial, spoke to the jury and ended up excusing one. Now the news is all “Can he get a fair trail now that the only black juror is gone?” Like having that one black juror is the difference between life and death.

That’s not saying much for the other juror’s competency.


A bunch of little kids got the bloody runs this week, probably from some food they ate. A few of them had to be hospitalized. Looks like a strain of E. coli has found its way out of the spinach patch. The health department has said that no eating establishments or specific foods which is a little frightening. I guess that means that until they figure it out we can assume just about every thing could possibly be contaminated.

Great time to go on a diet.


A man was killed last weekend at a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Luis Garcia was shot several times in the chest after a fight broke out at the Mercado Latino. The shooter is still at large.

I guess nothing says “Happy Cinco” quite like a drunken brawl.