Thursday, May 24, 2007

Party like it's 1999.

I've been trying to get these pictures posted all week but my pc just hasn't been cooperating. This is my friend whom I like to call Donna. She's a nice girl who for some reason likes my blog. She recently graduated from LAW SCHOOL, so I went to Ventura to celebrate with her. Of course, she was kinda busy trying to entertain the 50 other people also there to celebrate with her, so I was left alone to entertain myself. Dangerous... very dangerous.

These are the pretty flowers on my table.

This is dude sitting next to me. I don't remember his name cuz I'm rude like that.

Apparently I said something funny. Or maybe he was just laughing AT me.

All I know is it wasn't long before he was in tears. I'm pretty sure he went and sat somewhere else after that.

The party had a Western BBQ theme complete with red bandannas and little metal sheriff badges. It was so gosh darn cute!

This is the cute little boy who ran around taking pictures all night. He somehow managed to get the worlds worst picture of me then proceeded to show everyone. I really hated that kid.

This is the deer head that was hanging by the front door. When I walked up the deer head began to sing, causing me to shriek in terror and wet my pants. Ah - good times.

This is The Brother and the brain child behind the singing deer head. He was pretty nice, but I was still mad at him for scaring me.

So I took a picture of his crotch and posted it on my blog.

That's how I roll.