Monday, May 07, 2007

Planning Ahead

Greater Bakersfield Vision 2020 is asking for the public’s input. Over the next few weeks several meetings are planned to allow local residents to share what they think should be done with our city’s future. I went online and took the survey, and to be honest, I had trouble with the first question. It asked what I thought were Great Bakersfield’s top three strengths. I couldn’t come up with three. I did, however, have no trouble coming up with my top three weaknesses.

According to the paper the last time the city plan was edited was back in 2002. The people involved with the plan were, “a sparse collection of environmentalists, developers, and ‘smart growth’ leaders.” Local politicians approved the plan creating urban sprawl, traffic congestion, and decreased air quality. Nice works guys.

Let’s hope the next plan will be a better one.