Friday, May 18, 2007

Willsey the Weasel

The lawyer who was drunk, hopped up on drugs, carrying a sawed off shot gun, and killed a sheriff’s deputy has filed a claim against the county of Kern. Daniel Willsey claims the county owes him for “numerous broken bones and internal injuries, loss of his vehicle and damage to his career and reputation.” He also claims the accident was not his fault. He believes it was the sober sheriff’s deputy who is to blame.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Daniel’s brother Steven Willsey, has also filed a claim against the county. Another attorney, Burke Willsey filed the claims on behalf of the two men. (Willsey...that name sounds familiar…) According to the paper, when a reporter called the attorney to question him about the claim he said, “The claims speak for themselves” then he hung up on him.

Clearly these Willsey’s have not been paying attention to the news from Bakersfield. The last people you want to piss off in this town are law enforcement and the media. He